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You don’t want to let your toilet leak for long because it can cause a lot of water damage. Clogged toilets can put additional pressure on the toilet pipes and your bathroom plumbing. We can fix toilet leaks, with the most affordable toilet repair services for leaky or clogged bathroom drains and plumbing.

Clogged Toilet Plungers

If the tank is not to blame and the toilet is flushing properly in the actual tank and bowl, then it means your toilet plumbing is clogged. For clogged toilets and other problems, you can trust our affordable toilet repairs in Houston! We promise this great city to provide the best toilet plumbing repairs, estimates, and advice. Before trying anything else you should use gloves to remove anything inside of the toilet bowl to prevent further clogging and problems with the next step.

With a toilet bowl free of any paper tissue or debris, you can insert a plunger into the toilet bowl. Make sure that the rubber head of the plunger surrounds the entire toilet drain, where everything is sucked down into. Once around the hole, apply pressure to the plunger using the long rod to push down on the rubber head. Be careful not to push too hard or rapidly. If the plunger slides around the toilet bowl, carefully make sure to surround the toilet hole with the edges of the plunger rubber end. Apply pressure in a slow rhythm of push and pull without allowing the rubber to lift off of the ceramic toilet bowl bottom. If done right, a suction will build. This will allow the plunger to dislodge a clog further in the pipe. Once complete, the toilet clog will be completely taken care of and a simple flush should resolve any further issues.

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Affordable Houston Toilet Repair

If your toilet needs repairing look no further than Plumbing Houston. If your toilet is damaged, has cracks, or needs replacements we are the company for you. We can fix all parts of the toilet to make sure it is functioning correctly. We take care of all issues inside and outside of the tank and will make sure your toilet is structurally sound.

Toilet leak repair is quick and easy, so give us a call to schedule your same-day or next-day appointment if you need the best water leak repairs in Houston by licensed plumbers. We will completely fix the problem, with affordable water leak patching, water damage restoration, and other plumbing repairs.

Toilet replacements and new toilet installations must be done by a licensed plumber. The pipes must be connected properly so that the toilet can flush normally. We provide the best toilet repairs Houston has to offer. If your toilet is sliding around, not connected properly, leaking, or clogged, then you need Plumbing Houston Toilet Cleaning and Repair Services!

Clogged Toilets in Houston

For severe clogs trust our Plumbing Houston toilet de-clog service. Although using a plunger can sometimes appear to fix a clog, if you realize your water is not draining correctly or if any objects have been flushed down this can affect the way your toilet operates. If the suction does not seem to be working properly or you feel there is anything blocking the pipe give us a call right away. We have the proper tools to ensure your toilet will run smoothly.

New home buyers, renters, or owners of older homes should schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber in Houston from a leading plumbing repair company. Old pipes may need to be replaced, with affordable Houston repiping services to make sure leaky, corroded, or contaminated plumbing can be removed and replaced.

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Cracks within your toilet can lead to leaks and other problems. If you notice any water starting to puddle up it is time to trust Plumbing Houston toilet repair. We will be able to locate exactly where the issue is. If any repairs for your toilet were done carelessly there’s a good chance it will need to be repaired again by trusted professionals. We are here to help with whatever toilet problems you may be facing.

Toilet Plumbing Leaks in Houston

Toilet and plumbing water leaks can lead to costly water bills and be very wasteful. Water leaks will also damage other areas of your home and can rust/cause corrosion to any pipes and all other metal exposed. In order to avoid wood rot in your walls and floors give us a call today.

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