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Bathroom Plumbing Repair and Installation in Houston
For any bathroom repairs or installations, Plumbing Houston will provide you with affordable options and high-quality looks. From upgrades to expansions our licensed and insured contractors communicate one-on-one with our customers. You can trust our Shower and Tub Installations in Houston. We look forward to providing the perfect look for your home bathroom.
Bathtub Plumbing in Houston
Your bathtub must be connected to your home plumbing properly. If there are any misalignments then you can expect water leaks, as well as mildew or mold. If you require plumbing mold remediation in Houston, you should give us a call. Another possible issue is inefficient plumbing. You may need a complete plumbing replacement in Houston, which is called repiping. This is almost always true for very old properties or homes with foul-tasting water, discoloration, or dangerous piping materials. Pipes may be routed incorrectly causing the water to sit in curved plumbing which can lead to mold and mildew as well. Not only that, poorly installed pipes can cause clogs if the water cannot go through the plumbing properly.

Plumbing Houston is not just a pipe repair and replacement company! We offer full bathroom remodeling and plumbing installation services. From showers and bathtubs to full bathroom expansions, downsizing, retiling, and more, you can trust our company. We provide the best plumbing and bathroom remodeling in Houston.

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Custom plumbing in Houston is our specialty. We can design and install new pipes, appliances, and more. From an entire bathtub to shower conversion to simple plumbing changes, we have got it covered! Need sink plumbing repairs, replacements, or an installation? No problem! Need to make your bathroom larger? No problem! Plumbing Houston is here to help.

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