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Garbage Disposals in Houston

Sink garbage disposals are a sanitary and convenient way to remove food scraps and food buildup from your Houston sink. Without needing to get your hands dirty and clear out smelly gunk, a food disposal system is the best way to go. We understand that if your system is not functioning properly this could lead to a build-up of food and scraps that will cause a foul odor and build-up of bacteria. If your sink disposal system is not operating correctly give Plumbing Houston a call today. We will be able to see exactly where the clog is and be able to fix it using our tools and knowledge at an affordable price.

If you hear a humming sound anytime you try to use your garbage disposal this is a common problem that can be fixed by a trusted plumbing professional. We have the tools to get inside and remove any built-up food or garbage that is forcing your disposal to not work correctly. Trying to fix the problem yourself is extremely dangerous. If you experience this issue call Plumbing Houston today.

By having a garbage disposal unit the odors produced by food in your sink and rotting due to leftovers will be eliminated in a safe and sanitary way. Foul smells can attract animals and bacteria. For any repairs, replacements, or new sink garbage disposal installations give us a call today. 

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