Yard Drains

You can trust Plumbing Houston to provide the best yard drain installations, repairs, and replacements. If you need a new Houston yard drain or want to inspect and fix all problems then give us a call. Keep reading to learn how we help homeowners make sure they have properly installed yard drains that allow water to flow efficiently and purposefully.

Gas Line Repair

For any gas line installations or repairs and replacements, our professionals will be able to safely install or remove all lines. Leaks are dangerous and need to be addressed quickly. We offer the most affordable gas line repairs in Houston and installations to ensure that Houston homeowners are safe and all gas lines have been installed correctly and are working efficiently.

Toilet Installation and Repair

Affordable Clogged Toilet Cleaning, Toilet Leak Repair, Fix Broken Toilet. You don’t want to let your toilet leak for long because it can cause a lot of water damage. Clogged toilets can put additional pressure on the toilet pipes and your bathroom plumbing. We can fix toilet leaks, with the most affordable toilet repair services for leaky or clogged bathroom drains and plumbing.

Showers And Tubs

Bathroom Plumbing Repair and Installation in Houston. For any bathroom repairs or installations, Plumbing Houston will provide you with affordable options and high-quality looks. From upgrades to expansions our licensed and insured contractors communicate one-on-one with our customers. You can trust our Shower and Tub Installations in Houston. We look forward to providing the perfect look for your home bathroom.

Tankless Water Heater

Houston tankless water heater repair and replacement is our specialty. You can trust Plumbing Houston with all of your tankless water heater installations in Houston. Tankless water heaters push water through the pipe, into the unit, and use gas burners or electrical heating components to heat the water. You can enjoy a constant supply of hot water in your home. If you need tankless water heater repairs in Houston, you need to give us a call! We’ll make sure your system is working flawlessly, efficiently, and able to fully live up to your expectations.

Water Filtration Systems

Contamination, aging water distribution systems, faulty filters, toxic or dirty plumbing, and other problems are common issues for homeowners. Water filtration is very important for making sure the water quality is the best it can be. If you need water filtration system repairs or replacements, you need to call Plumbing Houston!


We provide affordable kitchen and bathroom sink repairs, declogging and cleaning repiping / pipe replacement, and new installations. We can handle your complete bathroom remodeling project with new plumbing, rerouting existing plumbing, and related services. You rely on your sink daily for washing your hands, dishes, and even for drinking water. However, what happens when your sink drain becomes clogged? Well, call our company! We provide affordable sink declogging and pipe cleaning in Houston.


Old plumbing must be replaced as time goes on. When water is discolored or smells of metal, sulfur, or other bad odors, a licensed plumber must provide full home repiping. We offer the best affordable plumbing repiping in Houston. Give us a call if you need to get rid of old, leaky, bad pipes. Full plumbing replacement in Houston doesn’t have to be expensive or hard – Plumbing Houston can help!

Garbage Disposal

Best Houston Garbage Disposal Plumbing Repair and Install. Garbage disposal units can help to keep your sink sanitized and leave no smelly odor or residue behind. Sink garbage disposal is great for grinding up food and other things off your plate and down the drain. It protects your plumbing tremendously. For the best Houston garbage disposal services, or for any repairs, replacements, and the most affordable pricing, give us a call today!


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