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Professional plumbers often don’t have the tools to quickly locate leaks in your home. When working with one of these plumbers, you’ll find they will have to do things with old methods like digging up your lawn to locate a crushed or tree root infiltrated pipeline. Foundations of homes can wind up with slab leaks caused by ground shifts, which means this poorly equipped plumber will have to jackhammer around until the leak is pinpointed.

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The water level is monitored during this period. A drop in the water level indicates one or more leaks in the system. A steady water level indicates that there is no leak present. The ball that blocks the drain line in a single family home must be placed outside of the house for the test to be accurate. It is recommended that the sewer cleanout be used for the purpose of conducting this test.

An additional step must be taken if the water level test indicates a leakage is present. The isolation test is used to pinpoint the location of all leaks in the plumbing. This test is similar to the initial test, but separate areas will be tested individually to find the location of leaks. All of the toilets located on the first floor of the building must be removed in order for this test to be completed.

One or more inflatable balls are placed in the system to find leaks. The water level is tested on each line to determine which area is experiencing problems. A map is then drafted based on the results of this test, and the plumber is able to determine the extent of repairs that must be made to fix all leaks in the system. An estimate is provided at this time.

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