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Gas Line repair

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Gas Line Repair

A problem with your gas line can be a serious safety hazard. Working with natural gas requires a great level of skill and experience. Our Plumbing Houston team has the knowledge and equipment to repair your gas line in a safe and efficient manner. We work on both residential and commercial gas lines to fix any leaks in your line and ensure leaks do not occur in the future.

From start to finish, we can work on every part of the process for gas line installation. Let us map out a diagram of correct piping sizes and lengths so that we can determine which material will work best and how to best install it. Since gas line work requires advanced skill, our planning and execution of your repair will be flawless and meticulous.

Natural gas is a widely used resource for most homeowners, as is propane. Both of these are fossil fuels which have gone through many stages of processing in order to be piped directly into your home via gas line or from a tank on your property. The quality of your natural gas piping services is absolutely vital to ensuring your safety. As such, all gas piping installation and repair services should be done by highly trained and qualified professionals, such as the licensed plumbers on our team here at Plumbing Houston.

Why Should You Have Gas Pipes Installed?

There are a number of benefits to using natural gas and/or propane in your home. One of the main advantages is the affordability of gas–powered appliances. In comparison to their electric counterparts, gas appliances offer a lot by way of savings. Additionally, gas appliances burn clean and you’ll likely find that you enjoy cooking over a flame more than an electric heating element. We’ve listed below some of the most popular ways people integrate gas lines into their home.

  • Stove/Cooktop: There are many cooks who prefer using gas for cooking as it allows them to control the heat much more quickly and easily.

  • Gas Water Heaters: Electric water heaters do have their place and their benefits. However, affordability is a big reason people choose a gas water heater.

  • BBQ Pits: Flexible gas lines allow for convenient use of outdoor BBQ grills as you don’t have to worry about swapping out propane tanks. This is also helpful if you have a custom BBQ pit setup that requires its own flexible gas line.

  • Pool Heaters: Typically most homeowners have their pool a good distance away from their gas meter. As such you’d need a flexible gas line to run underground in order to effectively heat your pool.

  • Fire Places: Whether you have an indoor or outdoor fireplace, a gas line allows quick ignition as well as safe shut off for your fireplace.

At some point during your time as a homeowner, you may experience problems with your gas line. Hopefully you never have to deal with a leak. However, if you do have a leak, this is not something you want to ignore or delay repairs for. Leak repairs are essential to ensuring the safety and health of your family. Fortunately, gas companies today give a foul odor to natural gas so that you can detect a possible leak right away.

Another important factor to be aware of when it comes to maintaining your gas lines is pressure requirements. During installation and during maintenance, your licensed plumber will conduct a pressure test to ensure the effectiveness as well as the safety of your gas lines. Call us today for more information!

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