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Plumbing Houston Unclogs Sinks, Toilets, and Drains

April 04, 2021

Clogs are something we all deal with from time to time. However, there are ways to minimize these before needing to call a professional! If you do need a pro, then Aura Plumbing Houston has you covered.

Plumbing Houston Unclogs Sinks, Toilets, and Drains

Most of us have experienced a clogged toilet, sink, or drain in our lives. While it certainly happens unexpectedly to the best of us, many of these clogs can be avoided by changing a few bad habits. Plumbing Houston has many years of experience in dealing with clogs and has a few nuggets of wisdom to help you avoid many of them. It goes without saying that if you can’t unclog it yourself, then you should definitely call a professional. Without the right tools, many clogs can be made worse by shoving things where they don’t belong, or by dropping hazardous chemicals down the drain. With a little careful habit changes, you can avoid most of them from happening in the first place!

Most people use toilet paper differently. Some use more than others, and sometimes this is too much. If there is too much paper, it won’t be able to get past the trap or the floor drain. Even though toilet paper dissolves, it does not dissolve instantly. Making sure you don’t use too much toilet paper is a very critical step for avoiding drains. It’s amazing how often small objects, such as toys or tools, can fall into the toilet and cause a clog. If you keep your lid closed, then these objects can’t find their way in. This can also happen when objects on the nearby counter fall off, or something is knocked off the back of the toilet tank. Be careful, especially if you have small children, dogs, or cats.

If you happen to have your own sewage or disposal systems that are not connected to a shared city line, you need to be super careful. This is even more true if you are in an RV. You can't just wash materials down the sink and expect them to not cause problems with your plumbing or sewage. No matter how small the food is that you’re throwing away, it does not belong in the toilet. Over time, these things build up and then you have a clog. Garbage disposals work because they break the food down before it enters your pipes. Toilets have no such mechanism so they will clog easily. In general, the rule that if it’s something that doesn’t belong in the toilet, then you shouldn’t put it down. Just bag your trash up and take it outside! 

Here are a few other things you shouldn’t put down your toilet, sinks, or drains:



Cotton Balls

Feminine Hygiene Products

Baby Wipes (even ones marked “flushable”- they aren’t!)

Toys and Crayons

Anything Hard or Stick-like

Non-dissolvable items

Remember, if you’ve followed all of these tips and still have a clog, then you should definitely call a pro! Plumbing Houston is your dedicated team of plumbing experts in Houston, ready to unclog your plumbing problems!

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