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Fat and Grease in Sink - Houston Plumbing Repair

April 30, 2020

Pouring grease, fat, or other thick liquids down your drain can cause damage and clog your sink drain. You must make sure to not pour bacon grease or other fats from cooking into your sink.

Fat and Grease in Sink - Houston Plumbing Repair

It is important that you do not pour fat or grease down your sink drain because once the liquid cools, it will solidify and clog your sink drain. We are your Houston licensed plumbers, here to help with all sink drain cleaning and repairs. If you have a clogged sink drain because of grease, fat, oils, and other thick substances, then you can give us a call and we'll take care of it. We can use solutions, hot water, and special equipment to clean sink drains.

Pouring Fat or Grease in Sink

Fat and grease turn into thick, solid messes once they cool down. Although they may act like liquids when they are hot, once they are cold the substances will become like a thick paste. This clogs your sink drains and causes plumbing clogs. If you are looking for the best Houston drain cleaning, then you've come to the right place. To avoid the need for a professional plumber coming to clean sink drains, you must make sure to dispose of any bacon fat, grease, or other thick liquids that solidify when cool. Do not pour any fat or grease into your sink. If you have done this by mistake or intend to risk it, make sure you at least run very hot water down the sink drain before, during, and after you are pouring the fat or grease into the sink. You should also pour soapy water or dish washing soap into the sink drain at the same time. Although this is not 100% guaranteed to protect your sink drain because the fat and grease can solidify further down your drain, it will help. We recommend never pouring grease or fat into your sink drain to avoid all problems.

Sink Drain Cleaning Houston

We can completely clean your drain using special chemical solutions that are safe for your home plumbing, sink, and your health. All of our solutions are safe to use, even if you can smell them. Using hot water, soap, and special drain cleaning chemicals we can completely clean the sink drain plumbing. Additionally, if there are further issues or piping is extremely damaged we can provide affordable repiping / pipe replacement in Houston. We'll make sure your sink works perfectly and everything drains so there is not excessive water and gunk building up in your kitchen sink. 

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