16 February

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbers


There’s a lot of misconceptions about plumbers, and a lot of interesting facts about them. Today, we’ll go over some really interesting facts about the plumbers who service your home.

  1. Every Day is a new challenge. When a plumber wakes up, they have no idea what to expect from the day’s work. They could be replacing a sink in the morning, and installing pipes behind walls in the afternoon. Our plumbers are experienced and knowledgeable, so the work will always be done right!
  2. Plumbers risk their lives and safety doing their jobs. It might not sound like a hazardous job, but when you consider water in pipes can be at many, sometimes high pressures, and the temperature of the water can be ice cold or scalding hot. At PlumbingHouston, we always take the proper precautions at any job so our plumbers and customers are safe.
  3. Plumbers can save you money now, by not waiting until later. Many problems can evolve to worse conditions than originally. That leak you’ve been ignoring, has now destroyed your wall. When you have a problem, it’s always best to call sooner, rather than later, so the worst problems can be avoided.
  4. Garbage disposals should be called by another name. Many plumbers cringe at the thought of having to work on a garbage disposal. This is because what many people put down their garbage disposals, shouldn’t be going down in the first place. Household garbage and food items should always go out in trash bags, not down your sink!

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